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Emma Martinez


Ansley McDavid


Natali Richmond


Jaclyn Schofield


Londyn Coker


Lexi Critchlow


Paige Deaton


Shea Deaton


Annika DiForte


Aubrey Feuerstein


Faith Gump


Kendra Layton


Kali Lazorcak


Alyssa Lemere


Isabelle Lewis


Lauren Brook


Kassandra Compos


Amanda Chiriboga


Jaclyn Brimacombe


Xcel Team Members 

Coached by Arizonas only Olympic coaching staff, our women's teams compete at the highest levels, preparing them to pursue collegic and oylmpic dreams. Each member of Carter's teams is chosen and asked to be part of the teams due to their extraordinary gymnastic skills. The Xcel Program is designed to offer a broad, affordable, competitive experience outside the Optional, and Compulsory Teams.

Xcel Girls Team